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Your work needs Ultimate WiFi


With fully managed WiFi, nothing stops you from getting business done.

Welcome to the

Ultimate WiFi

Business-Grade WiFi


WiFi 6 certified systems provide unmatched performance for your whole home.

Lightning Fast


Delivering outstanding entertainment, business, and gaming experiences – all at the same time.

Fully Managed


Always on and managed so you don’t have to worry. Support when you need it. Control when you want it.

The Latest Technology Optimized For Work


Product Demos, Sales Presentations, All-hands meetings, and Supply Chain reviews. Now all your business applications are running on your home network.

WiFi 6 CertifiedGigaSpire BLAST Ultimate WiFi guarantees that you focus on your deadlines and not your network applications are running on your home network.

No More Frozen Video Calls


Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) ensures your video calls are completed with crystal clear 4k video and sparkling audio quality.


No matter what device you’re on, seamlessly switch between the best WiFi channels. GigaSpire BLAST sorts it all out so you can get work done.

A Person working on their laptop with a GigaSpire BLAST in the foreground.


The Personal Assistant you never knew you needed.​


CommandIQ can schedule work time for specific devices and prioritize productivity and work applications so they run smooth, fast, and uninterrupted.​

• Work and School from home distraction free​
• Pause the internet on devices, applications, or webpages during work hours​
• Create lights out WiFi time ​

ProtectIQ™. Smart.


Network protection for all your devices with ProtectIQ™. It’s built into your GigaSpire BLAST Ultimate WiFi system and guards your home office against network slowdowns and down time.



Protects against attacks with commercial-grade intrusion protection.


Block Malicious Sites

ProtectIQ™ identifies and blocks known malicious sites, preventing trouble even before you click.


Stop Viruses

ProtectIQ™ is constantly updated to stay ahead of the latest threats and stop viruses from entering your network.


Safety. Security. Simplicity.


When your entire life is centered around your home, work life balance is a thing of the past. ExperienceIQ™ delivers much needed control in a chaotic world.


Advanced Filtering

Filter entire categories of the internet, apps, and individual websites.


Setup Profiles

Create “work mode” schedules to prioritize your work or school devices.


Pause Internet

Within seconds, pause the internet for one person or everyone.


Usage History

Access usage history, and duration of sites and apps, visited to help monitor use.

A Father and daughter sit at a table together and work on a science project
A Customer Service representative talking with a customer over a headset

Fully Managed WiFi


Go beyond WiFi. Connectivity is vital. GigaSpire BLAST Ultimate WiFi makes it easy to establish, maintain, and update an effective home network. Support, control, and peace of mind on-demand 24/7.


Simple Setup

Get started in minutes with the CommandIQ™ app.


24/7 Support

Enterprise-level 24/7 support to keep your network on track.


Constant Security

Advanced malware protection provides updates to the latest security protocols – keeping you ahead of malware and virus threats.

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