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IT Solutions

Your network is the backbone of your company.


Keeping it running at peak performance takes time and resources – or a single call to Netsync®.

Netsync Information Technology Services

Think of us as your IT department.

When you need something you call us directly, not a tier one support center in another city or country.

Remote Network Monitoring

Remote Data Backup

Managed Security Service

Managed Colocation

Our network professionals maintain your network’s equipment, backups and security so you can focus on growing your business. And when it’s time for your network to grow too, we’re with you every step of the way.

Email Hosting

Build your business identity.


Put your company name in front of customers & prospects, suppliers, vendors and partners with every email you send.

On-Site Technical Support

Doing whatever it takes to get your system running.


If your system isn’t working the way it should, our knowledgeable IT professionals can come to you. Just give us a call to schedule an appointment.

24/7 Toll-Free Help Desk

Here for you when you need it.


Contact our friendly and knowledgeable IT professionals whenever you need assistance with your system. We’ll answer your questions and get your network running the way it should.

Why IT Solutions are Important for all Businesses – Big or Small

Large companies spend (in some cases) millions of dollars a year in various IT infrastructure improvements. They must maintain and improve digital security and maintain adequate staffing to address any and all changes. Likewise, they must manage concerns and issues that arise, and find ways to keep their organization running effectively and efficiently.


Many small business owners lack the resources and time to stay on top of technological changes and security concerns. Yet they are just as vulnerable as any larger company to inefficiencies and security breaches.


Security breaches continue to make big news everyday. Yet, despite years of headline stories about security leaks, email hacking and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and repeated warnings from security professionals, many businesses are not properly protected from a variety of security threats.


So, what can companies do to better protect themselves and their customers’, sensitive data from security threats? Following are the six most likely sources, or causes, of security breaches.


  • Disgruntled Employees
  • Careless or Uninformed Employees
  • Mobile Devices (BYOD)
  • Cloud Applications
  • Unpatched or Unpatchable Devices
  • Third-party Service Providers

Hiring a full-time dedicated IT staff is one solution, but many small businesses lack the resources to do so. Netsync® Information Technology Services is here to help! We are a managed service provider (MSP) that specializes in helping to maintain secure and up-to-date technology solutions while also reducing IT management costs.


There are also fiscal repercussions to neglecting your IT infrastructure. For instance at some point your server or network will go down. When this occurs, the company as a whole will be losing time and money and productivity. The cost of not performing well in this area is going to show up on the bottom line.


For some businesses, such as small law firms where attorneys charge hourly rates, costs can mount quickly if employees are unable to access information or systems they need to do their jobs.


But it’s not just loss of access.


Neglecting software patches or anti-virus updates – important parts of system maintenance – can result in costly malware infections. If you lose private customer data to hackers, for example, you’ll likely lose customers. These kinds of situations can be absolutely catastrophic for a small business.


While the bare essentials of keeping computer systems operating properly are most crucial for small businesses, it’s not the whole picture. Who decides which technology you use? When you should upgrade essential infrastructure such as network equipment, servers and PCs? Are you making an informed decision, as well as keeping within budgetary needs? Many small business owners are concerned about missing out on the latest technology. Netsync® will be able to provide its knowledge, expertise, and commitment of time and resources, so you can be certain you’re using the latest and best technology you can afford.


Which of our IT Solutions are right for your company?

Let Netsync® Information Technology Services provide you with a free consultation today!