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The way DFT does Streaming

Live TV is now available from DFT


V is the way DFT does in-home Streaming. Watch channels live including all your local favorites.

Keep it Simple


V makes streaming all your favorite shows easy from start to finish. We do the setup. We install your equipment. You enjoy.

Lose Nothing


V’s wide selection of local and national channels means you don’t need to compromise on channel selection to save.

All your favorite channels all in one place.

With V you have live access to the most popular networks. Watch your favorite sports, entertainment, home improvement, local news and more!

Start Streaming Today 


Watch what you want. When you want. Without any hassle. 


Choose the package that fits how you watch TV. 

Call today to sign up: 716-532-3131



Per month

23+ Channels

3 Streams

50GB cloud DVR Storage



Per month

95+ Channels

3 Streams

50GB cloud DVR Storage



Per month

182+ Channels

3 Streams

50GB cloud DVR Storage

*Pricing excludes one-time $15 activation fee.

Customize your service with add-ons.

250GB cDVR Storage


Per month

250GB additional cloud DVR Storage.

500GB cDVR Storage


Per month

500GB additional cloud DVR Storage.

1TB cDVR Storage


Per month

1TB additional cloud DVR Storage.

Additional Set Top Box


Per box monthly

Add additional set top boxes to connect additional TVs without our App.

Additional Streams


Per stream monthly

Add additional streams to watch on more devices.

Premium Channels

Hispanic Channels


Per month

Add 6 of the best channels in Spanish Language TV.



Per month



Per month

Available on:

*Requires a DFT Communications broadband connection. Pricing as of 01/04/2023 and may be subject to change.
**Geographic limitations apply. Channel availability may be subject to change. DFT Communications and its subsidiaries are not responsible for disruptions in a channel’s quality and/or availability due to circumstance outside our control including but not limited to network black outs, provider disputes, wireless interference, buffering, and audio/video sync delays.