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It Doesn’t Get Faster Than Light!


Fiber-Optic Internet is now available to the Seneca Nation’s Cattaraugus Territory!


Call 716-532-3131 to sign up today!

DFT Communication is proud to be a longstanding community partner of families and businesses in Western New York. We are a family of companies linking neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend and business to business. Over the past 126 years, we’ve upgraded equipment, expanded services and added subscribers. DFT has proven itself as a premier service provider in Chautauqua County and throughout Western New York and parts of Pennsylvania, and we are proud to be working with the Seneca Nation.

The Seneca Nation Cattaraugus Territory

Find the speed that’s right for you!

DFT Lightspeed Fiber-Optic Internet Residential Rates

100 | 25




100 Mbps Down | 25 Mbps Up

200 | 50




200 Mbps Down | 50 Mbps Up

300 | 100




300 Mbps Down | 100 Mbps Up

500 | 150




500 Mbps Down | 150 Mbps Up

*Pricing as of 01/2023. Geographical limitations apply. Pricing excludes one-time installation fee of $49. Additional installation fees may apply for custom installations. Call 716-532-3131 for more details.